ClicShopping AI(tm) is an Ecommerce OpenSource and powerfull Solution e-commerce B2B / B2C / B2B-B2C using generative-AI and entiment Analysis. The solution is based on a modern, responsive design that will allow you to have a great website on all mobile device, desktop and easy to install.

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Unlock the potential of your online business with ClicShoppingAI(tm), a powerful open-source Ecommerce solution that supports B2B, B2C, and B2B-B2C. Now integrated with cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence systems like Gpt and Ollama, ClicShoppingAI takes your store to new heights!

Boost Your Competitiveness - Absolutely Free! ClicShoppingAI helps merchants increase their turnover and competitiveness and the best part is, it’s completely free! With AI on your side, you can optimize inventory, offer personalized recommendations, and provide top-notch customer service, all without breaking the bank.

Seamless, Responsive Design for All Devices: Say goodbye to website worries with ClicShoppingAI’s modern, responsive design. Customers will enjoy a delightful shopping experience across all devices, including mobile and desktop, without sacrificing speed or performance.

Lightweight, User-Friendly Installation: Don’t waste time on complicated setups! Installing ClicShoppingAI is a breeze - just a few clicks on your server or computer, and you’re good to go. It’s a lightweight, customizable, and user-friendly solution, consuming minimal server resources.

Empowering Ongoing Development: At ClicShoppingAI, we thrive on community support. By operating on donations, contributions, and financial backing, we ensure continuous platform development, guaranteeing you stay ahead of the competition.

Embrace the Future of Ecommerce - Today! Take the leap into the future of Ecommerce with ClicShoppingAI. With AI-driven capabilities and an easy installation process, you can revolutionize your online store in no time. Don’t wait - seize the opportunity with ClicShopping now!

Table of Contents


  • The solution is built on modules and APP to have a very big flexibility.
  • The approach is completely modular on the catalog / administration with simple code to understand, to customize and to update at need.
  • All informations are available at the forum https://www.clicshopping or look the Wiki
  • The modules are available on Github (Official and Community) or by an internal install.


  • A markeplace is also available on the :
    • For all App : community
    • Or github :
      • Community :
      • Official :

#Requirement (more information in the wiki)

  • Apache 2.4
  • MYSQL 7.x / MariaDb 10.x
  • PHP >= 8.2
  • More information in the Wiki


  • Step1 : Download ClicShopping :
  • Step2 : Install ClicShopping :
  • Step3 : Follow Checklist

More information in the Wiki


  • read this README document
  • Check the server requirement
  • Download ClicShopping & perform installation
  • Check security page in administrative area;
    Tools > Security
  • join the community
  • install your Apps, modules;
    Configuration > My administration > Dashboard
    Configuration > shipping
    Configuration > payment
  • Choose your own Apps, modules;
    Tools > Extension
  • Create your catalog
  • Perform a test checkout

More information in the Wiki


  • ClicShopping can now be installed easily with just one click via Softaculous

  • ClicShopping can now be installed on Fantastico F3 of Neterberg Netenberg


  • SymfonyInsight

  • php

  • GitHub repo size

  • GitHub top language

  • CodeFactor


  • If you want to make a donation, you can click on this link : make a donation or use the button below.
    • Via the forum
    • A donation via Bitcoin : Donate Bitcoin(nao-pon)
  • Donation can help to continue the work and to finance the infrastructure.
  • More information are available on the community website.


  • License GPL2 - MIT
  • ClicShopping( AItm) has a trademark deposed :

#Functionnalities (some)

  • B2B - B2C full functionalities
  • GPT API integration
  • Generative artificial Intelligence included with Gpt, Ollama and Anthropic
  • Generative artificial products customers recommendations
  • Generative artificial intelligence for All content (product,categories…)
  • Generative artificial intelligence for SEO
  • Generative artificial intelligence for tag sentiment analysis for review
  • Generative artificial Intelligence review summary
  • Generative artificial Intelligence Automated product tagging
  • Generative artificial Intelligence Automated review tagging
  • Real time safety stock predictive (AI)
  • Product automation function GenAI
  • WYSIWYG to create your products description, content with CKeditor
  • Image Editor management with El-Finder 2.x - drag and drop - webp
  • Full SEO functionalities optimization and url
  • Payment and Shipping modules included inside the application with Stripe
  • Extension System to install new Applications via the back-office
  • No limit to insert content
  • Some dynamic statistics inside the dashboard and all the back-office
  • GDRP included and some regulation aspect
  • Some configuration capacities to adapt the settings in function of your needs in B2B or B2C
  • Ready for mobile, tablet and desktop with BootStrap 5.x technology
  • Several modes of payment / delivery can be installed
  • More 250 modules available and free functional on the marketplace and available on Github !
  • Full responsive design application with Bootstrap 5.x
  • Multi-template
  • multi-currency
  • Multi-language (English and french included)
  • Lazy load image optimization
  • Free modular Apps to create import or to import from osCommerce 2.x, OpenCart, ZenCart, Crealoaded, Prestashop …. database migration available on the marketplace
  • Double authentication Topt
  • Antispam
  • Some dynamics reports
  • Cron System
  • API connection …

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